I'm having one of those days. Or weeks. Or time periods, let's say. Work has me frazzled. I'm on the go 8-plus hours a day at the office, then I go home and just want to sleep. I'm too tired to knit. I'm too tired to even veg on the couch. I haven't done true exercise in who knows when.

Part of the problem is that the work I'm doing at the office is new to me. So it's like I've started a new job and have so much to learn. Everything takes 4 times longer than it should to complete. Plus, it's not very much fun, which doesn't help matters.

I know it'll get better, probably sooner rather than later. I need to ride the wave. Easier said than done. I know that getting some exercise would help my mood. I need an exercise buddy and/or I need to do something that I'm interested in. I burned myself out on spin class and running.

GRRRRRRR. I'm grumbly. I admit it. I surrender.

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