Life is Good

There's a reason why I was excited for the reunion. I had even more fun than I thought I would. And not even a hint of wistfulness or wanting. I spent hours talking with old friends about their lives and loves, days gone by and future plans. I laughed. I laughed so hard I cried (thanks Brandy...damn how I've missed your snort...I must call you every so often just to hear it!). I resolved some old issues and realized it wasn't so much that I was unpopular in high school, I just didn't hang with the in crowd. And that's really OK. We had a blast! For some of us, it was like we'd never been apart. We didn't miss a beat. And most people seemed much more comfortable in their own skins than 10 years ago.

There, of course, were people who still live in the area who didn't bother to come. I don't know whether they're self-conscious or don't feel the need to reminisce or what, but there were others who flew all the way from San Diego and upstate New York and I appreciated the effort.

I have one souvenir from the trip: a head cold. Lack of sleep and going back and forth between 100 degree temps and ice cold AC had a part to play in it. I'm not sorry I went. In fact, I was a little sad to say goodbye. We parted insisting that we shouldn't wait another decade to get together. I hope we all meant it.

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Tom Myler said...

Very cool, Amy! One thing I've noticed from recent class reunions (one from my high school and one from my grade school) is that Facebook makes it really nice to keep in touch with the folks. For all the goofiness of Facebook, there really is something pretty cool with it being a way to keep otherwise-distant friendships alive and churning...