Why am I so excited about my 20th high school reunion??

I hated high school.

But as the weekend approaches, I find myself giddy with anticipation. My mom already warned me -- don't get your expectations up, thinking it's going to be something it's not. Actually, I'm not sure what I think it will be.

I should've lost another 10-15 lbs. in preparation. I wish my hair was longer. I wish Tim and Henry were going with me. But all in all, I'm happy with where I am in my life. I'm fairly stable and confident, I have a good job, and mostly, I'm stoked to see these people I haven't seen in two decades. Many of my closest friends from high school didn't come to the 10 year reunion, but most are planning to this time around. In fact, my fellow bass clarinetist Kim and I have been organizing some pre-reunion get togethers on Thursday and Friday nights. Drinks, dinners, live music, chitchat, mirth and merriment. Don't you wish YOU could be there too?

I'm hoping to catch up with the former right-wing religious friend who's seen the light and is now a hippie liberal chick. And with the funny, smart boy who became a preacher. And with the motorcycle-riding new mama who I think just got married a week ago. And with all the folks who used to be the preppies or the stoners, the band geeks or the theatre nerds, the athletes, the cheerleaders, the magna cum laudes...all the people who formed the fabric of my world from kindergarten through 12th grade.

I think what I'll notice most this weekend is that no matter what we were back then, now we're all just people trying to make it in the world, working, raising a family, volunteering for our passions, making our mark. Most of us probably spent years trying to escape what we were in high school, to get away from our labels and our awkwardness and our teenage angst. For the next few days, for some crazy reason, we'll try to get it all back, reminiscing and listening to hair bands and catching up on what we've done since we said goodbye to our fellow MHS Wildcats in May 1990.

I am SO not the person I was back then. Or maybe I am. Maybe I'm just more at peace with it these days.

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