On the soapbox

Everyone seems to think it's hilarious that Mel Gibson's ranting and cussing and threatening his ex.

I find it sad.

While everyone else is calling Mel an abuser and a racist and an anti-Semite, I'm going to go out on a not-very-long-limb and say he's sick. As in mentally ill. And there's nothing remotely funny about it, Hollywood reporters.

I just read an article in People magazine -- linked here -- about some trendy bar in NYC creating a new drink called the Mel "Bipolar" Gibson. The lede of the story asks "Mood swings got you down?" and suggests drinking is a way to heal. Nice. Classy.

Incredibly irresponsible.

In addition to his rumored bipolar disorder, Mel's also reportedly an alcoholic. It's a sad tale of self-medicating, if you ask me. He's manic, he has an addictive personality, he's incredibly famous and under intense pressure as a public figure, and he's unpredictable. Danger, danger, train wreck ahead.

He's not my favorite person. He's allegedly said some very bad things about numerous groups of people. I know he's ultra conservative and religious (although some of the names he was calling his ex don't sound very holy to me). But he, and the rest of society, don't need ignorant bartenders concocting clever-ish drinks that poke fun at a really serious problem that affects millions of people.

I hope he gets some real help. It seems to me that those pale blue eyes mask a world of pain. And clearly the bar's prescription for the diagnosis hasn't been working for Mel.

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