Hey, isn't that...

What do I want to do on my vacation to San Diego? Legoland! Seaworld! Wild animal park! The Beach!!!! Meet Denise Richards!

OK. So the last one was just thrown in to see if you were paying attention. Actually, she reportedly lives in the area. I wouldn't mind seeing someone famous. Tim would joke that he could stand right next to one of People's top 100 stars and have no clue. He would make a very bad paparazzo.

The trip had me thinking of the possibilities. Who might I be able to see? The likelihood is near nil, I realize. You never know though. Dan Dierdorf once almost ran over Tim and me in a Perkins parking lot. And Tim had Jack Nicholson touch his arm and say "Excuse me, son," at a Jazz/Lakers game once.

I googled "famous people who are from/who live in San Diego" and the pickings were slim -- or at least rather uninteresting to me. What do you think? I'm guessing many of these live in smaller 'burbs rather than the city. And it's probably one of several homes they own. Yeah, so I'm talking myself out of the possible excitement while I'm writing this.

Olivia Newton-John
Raquel Welch
Janet Jackson
Tony Hawk
Mario Lopez
Pauly Shore (INfamous, more likely)
Richard Simmons
Greg Louganis
Bill Walton

I think I'm more interested in seeing the giraffes on the safari at the wild animal park.

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