Get a move-on

I can't seem to make myself work out. Several weeks ago, I had a brush with medical disaster, when an attempt to tie my tubes using a new procedure failed miserably. I was in pain and without any birth control method, after they'd yanked my IUD to do the new procedure which, I'd like to remind you again, FAILED MISERABLY.

So they gave me a shot of depoprovera, which is bc that lasts 3 months. That's great and convenient, if you don't have bipolar disorder. If you DO have BiPD, get ready for 3 months of lethargy, sadness, and the munchies. I didn't realize the mood changes would be so drastic or mentally painful, but I guess adding high-powered drugs that change one's hormonal reactions might have that effect.

My weight loss and my workout routine have suffered. I can't seem to get motivated to run or bike or even just walk. I walked once on Saturday and I went to spin class on Monday. Other than that, my life has been too sedentary. And filled with too many cookies and takeout food.

I vow to take a walk today and stay on my weight-loss plan. We'll start with today. Just get through today. One day at a time. Blahblah.

I'm tired of blahblah.

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