Don't tell his pediatrician...


Do you hear that? Among the chirps and whirrs and beeps?

Yep. It's the sound of our kid's brain slowly becoming more squishy and gushy, quietly rotting away.

But wait, you say...he just finished kindergarten! Today was his last day! Isn't his cranium bursting with knowledge?! That may be true, but we gave him a "graduation from Kindergarten" gift that would probably make a child psychologist cringe.

We bought him a Nintendo DS.

He had been saving his allowance to buy it, but we thought it would be a nice end-of-year surprise. The deal is, he can use his earned money to buy another game for it (it came with a Mario and Luigi something-or-other) and the rest of his allowance has to go in his savings account.

He played the thing for about 4 hours straight yesterday during the drive home from St. Louis. He played again this a.m. And he's playing right now because school got out early and I'm allegedly working from home until 4.

We've told him that once the newness wears off the game, or in a couple days, whichever comes first, we'll go back to the regular rules: no more than 1 hour of screen time per day (whether it's TV or Wii or DS). For now, we're letting him celebrate his start to summer break.

He deserves some fun. He worked so hard this year and we're so proud!

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scoodog / digging iPhoneography said...

Congrats to Henry! This is very nice -- the whole story!