What to do, what to do

I've been lamenting all morning about how there are so many things I'd rather be doing than what I am doing. What I am doing pays the bills. But it's unsatisfying, particularly on an 80-degree day in May when haven't worked out in weeks and my meds aren't doing what they should to keep me on the up end of the downward spiral.

So I decided rather than whining about it, I'd just write them down. You know, all those things I'd rather be doing. Give me something to look forward to...at some point I'll get to do them. Just not sure when.

1. Ride my bike. I miss her, the fine piece of Specialized machinery, my Ruby Elite. My waistband of my pants misses her, too. Ugh, I've gotten out of shape in a short amount of time.

2. Knit. This is always near the top of my list. I'm on a roll lately. I just finished a dress and hat. The baby sweater's almost done.

3. Read. I'm in the middle of a really cheesy action adventure romance about military-trained psychics. Junk food for my brain. My brain says: TAAAASSSTTEEEEE.

4. Sketch. I haven't touched my pastels in a long time. It'd be fun to get them and my trusty sketchbook out and have a go.

5. Play with the dogs. Every day, I love my new Scottie more and more. My Westie's a loveable little pain in the ass. She barks too much. She's bossy. She doesn't listen. Eisie, on the other hand, is quiet and docile. His new favorite spot is on the bed with me while I'm reading or knitting. He just stretches out and snoozes. He's objecting to being crated at night now. I'm guessing his newfound freedom on the human furniture is one reason why.

6. Go to a movie. I'm not sure what's out. But I would love to take the afternoon off and settle in with a big bucket of popcorn and a diet soda and get lost in a story.

7. Scrapbook. I'd like to have Henry's kindergarten book finished before he heads to middle school. You think I joke. At the rate I've been going, I might need to aim for high school.

8. Lay out in the sun. I know it's bad for my skin. I'll get cancer. My wrinkles will get wrinkles. Not like I'm actually doing any of these things though. A girl can dream. Maybe laying in the hammock would be a nice alternative.

9. Hire a maid. If I never had to clean another toilet or shower in my lifetime, I would be ecstatic. My problem is, we're all such slobs, we'd spend half our lives cleaning for the CLEANING people, so they could get past the junk to actually find surfaces to scrub.

10. Shop. I'd need money for that. Like I said, I'm allowed to dream.

Back to real life, though. I'm going to go heat up my Weight Watcher frozen ravioli and gear up for an afternoon of editing language arts test items.

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