Weeds to Wildflowers

I have attacked the garden spot with gusto.

For the past week, I've taken out all the old tomato plant structures and assorted limbs from backyard trees, weeded, spread grass clippings, and had Tim help me re-rabbit-fence the garden area.

I also dug three trenches and planted wildflower seeds. I'm hopeless with the vegetables, as I've proven every time I plant and subsequently get bored with tomatoes, peppers, squash, etc. My bounty always ends up rotting on the vines, surrounded by bundles of nefarious weeds.

So I'm trying a different strategy. I figure, if wildflowers come up -- they're wild and, therefore, completely at home surrounded by weeds. So no weeding -- plus, the flowers will be colorful and fragrant.

Now to wait three weeks to see whether they'll actually pop out of the ground. I have my doubts. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, at least for the next week or so, the area looks neat and tidy. What do you think will happen first -- the flowers sprout or the dogs will find a way to burrow under the fencing?

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