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I admit it. I've read all the Twilight saga books. I read them before they were movies, before Robert Pattinson was more famous than Edward Cullen, the vamp he portrays. I also admit I loved the books. I thought they were well written, really creative, and torturous in their Mormon-inspired innocence -- thanks to BYU grad and author Stephenie Meyer.

But I actually think her NON Twilight book might just be one of my favorite books, ever. The Host, a story about worm-like aliens from another planet who take over Earth by inserting themselves into and taking over human bodies, had me staying up until all hours of the night several nights in a row. I could not put it down. I'm not usually a sci-fi fan. But this was more than just an alien invader body snatcher tale. There was a classic theme: good vs. evil with lots of gray area about exactly who were the good guys and bad guys. There were also some rather twisted, conflicted love stories.

The best part about this book was I checked out a copy of the ebook from my local library's web site and put it on my Nook. So I read it for FREE. Every day I love my Nook a little more. Especially since a recent software update has given me Beta web-surfing abilities AND free games (including sudoku).

If you're anti-Twilight, pretend Meyer didn't write those and give this one a chance. And I don't see how there's any way they could make a movie from this book -- too much of it takes place between Melanie and the alien, in her head. It's way X-Files. And it's excellent.

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