Knitting weekend

I spent a bit of time this weekend knitting. Not as much as I'd like, but enough to really spark my interest and keep my hands busy. I finished a Harry Potter Gryffindor House scarf, similar to the one pictured, for Henry -- the now-obsessed-with-all-things-Potter 6-year-old. I also worked feverishly on the baby cardigan, similar to the one pictured here but in a color called "beanstalk," which is a little lighter than what I'd call "wasabi green." I don't know quite why I'm working feverishly, given I have no one in mind to give it to! It's a fun and easy pattern. I also got some self-striping FLORAL yarn to do a baby hat in pinks and greens to match, if it turns out the recipient is a girl.

The Harry Potter pattern comes from Charmed Knits, a book that I find way too difficult for my skill level. But the pictures are fun and the ideas are clever. No, Henry, I'm not knitting you a wizard robe.

The baby cardi pattern comes from the Lion Brand web site's list of free patterns. I think the title is "Baby's First Cardigan" and was originally done in Jiffy. I am using baby organic cotton yarn.

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