Is anyone out there?

I'm curious. I think I lost my readership while I was away. If you are reading my blog, would you please write a comment, so I'll have some idea whether I'm writing to the sound of crickets chirping?

I might write more racy, shocking things if I figured no one was out there to read them.

Ahem. *grin*


D. in St. Louis said...

Hi Amy,
Yes, both Paul & I are reading your blog. Yesterday I started to mentally list what I should be doing versus what I would really like to do. I got a couple of things from both lists done, but only a beginning.
Glad you are back. Love hearing about all of you. Darlene

emawkc said...

I'm no longer reading, so please feel free to commence with the raciness ;^)

Cherie said...

Amy, I read your posts :)

scoodog / digging iPhoneography said...

Me and my dogs all read your blog.

Crystal said...

I'm reading too! As a matter of fact I was just making a list in my head of what I'd rather be doing too... UGH, it goes on forever! :)