At least for the moment.

I miss the blog. We have a love/hate relationship, the old WanderingAmylessly and me. I feel obligated to write. I feel guilty when I don't. I feel neglectful when I stray from the blog to spend all my time at Facebook. Like I'm cheating on my faithful blog with that tramp of a social networking site.

So here I am.

Where am I in my head? Getting over a botched medical procedure, dealing with raging hormones thanks to meds I had to take as a result of said botched medical procedure, abandoning my quest for a half marathon this spring/summer, trying to get back on the weight loss wagon after some NOT constructive time away, knitting in a groove, reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

That pretty much sums it up. I've also started reading Harry Potter to Henry. Of course, he's sooooo into it now that when he goes to bed, he sneaks off with the book and reads ahead. Little stinker. Little brilliant stinker. (A mom can brag. I think it's in my job description.)

Off to my first WW meeting of a new session. It's like starting over. I need that. I also need to get off my lazy butt and move around more. The spring cold I've been fighting is almost gone, so I'm hoping I'll get a new energy burst soon. Or maybe I'll just fake one for now.


scoodog / digging iPhoneography said...

As they said to Mr. Kotter, welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Yes, welcome back! A blog gives you a chance to expand more on what's going on with you. A one-line post on Facebook sometimes leaves me with more questions and wondering, "meaning what? who? and . . .?"