Bang Bang, you're an idiot

The city council recently set a curfew for youngsters in our town. It depends on your age how late you're allowed out, and whether your reason for being out has something to do with a school function.

But I don't care what your age, you don't need to be shooting out car windows with a pellet gun at 3 a.m.

That's the official story I heard from the cops this morning when I reported the back window of our Toyota Avalon had been shot three times with some sort of BB-type gun. It spiderwebbed but didn't actually break into three million pieces until I had to open the door to get the registration out of the glove box.

Tim was out on a bike ride and hadn't noticed the damage before he left. H and I were on our way to Lowe's for more lighting fun when we spotted the heinous vandalism and reported it.

Henry asked the cop, "Why would kids shoot out windows with a bb gun?" The cop's reply: "Because some kids think they don't have anything better to do and their parents aren't watching what they're doing."

Parents should have a curfew too.

Henry also offered up SpiderMan band-aids when the cop cut his finger on broken glass trying to retrieve evidence (the pellets). It was either SpiderMan or SpongeBob. Which do you think seems more heroic.

All in all, a memorable memorial day...and not in a good way...

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