5 Must-Haves

As promised, I'm going to be more positive in today's post. These are five gadgets I can't live without. Or at least, five that make life a little more fun -- five that, now that I've experienced them, I wouldn't give them up without a fight.

1. Droid by Motorola -- My smart phone often makes me feel dumb. I frequently forget how to actually make a call because most of the time, the phone is used to send e-mail, text, play games, look at my work calendar, map a route via GPS, and listen to my music. I'm addicted to the ability to surf the web at any moment necessary. My one beef with the phone: battery life is painfully poor. If I do anything at all with my phone during the day, I really need to charge it every evening. Small price to pay, though, for a portable time-suck.

2. Keurig One-Cup Coffee Maker -- This isn't for everyone. If you have several members of the household who are java drinkers, you'll want to steer clear. But for me, the sole coffee consumer who wants to avoid downing a whole pot on her own, this is ideal. The coffee pods now come in an array of flavors, strengths, brands, fair trade, organic, etc., or you can even get a reusable pod and fill it with your own favorite brew (Starbucks Sumatra Extra Bold...divine!).

3. Fifth-generation (I think?) iPod Nano -- For one reason. FM radio receiver. I know a lot of people would get into the video camera or watching movies on the thing. But I love my radio. I often take a walk and listen to NPR or jam to the latest top 40 pablum. Next on my request list for Apple: AM radio. I'd enjoy listening to the syndicated Kevin and Bean or The Mike O'Meara Show, too.

4. Nook -- How ever did I read books before the Nook e-reader? Fumbling with holding it up, turning pages, trying to find a bookmark, squinting to see tiny text, having to wait to get a new book during store or library hours? I can now buy a book or check one out of the local library at any time, 24 hours a day. I can change the font and font size. I can place electronic bookmarks. I turn pages with the touch of a button and sit it on my lap, hands free, so I can hold my coffee and pet the pooches at the same time. Brilliant.

5. Bamboo knitting needles -- This isn't anything fancy. It doesn't have a screen. It doesn't need to be plugged in. But I so love the feel of bamboo -- smooth and light with no hint of flexibility -- as it loops the fibers, sliding and clicking and helping me finish my soft creations. Next on my wish list is a set of interchangeable circular needles in varying sizes. But for now, I'll revel in the simplicity of straight bamboo needles. Which reminds me...I'm off to finish the self-striping baby hat. On my size 5 bamboo double-pointeds.

I sound obsessed with "stuff." Maybe I am. I'm a hopeless capitalist consumer. I also enjoy the creature comforts. And I'm thankful we have the means, even after we donate to earthquake relief and local charities and our alma maters.

I'm a big kid, enjoying my toys. How about you? What are your five favorites? And when you list yours, will you sound as spoiled as I do?

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Crystal said...

1. I heart my iPod too... it must be the same one as yours, because it does the same things. The video feature is pretty cool, and I have to admit that I haven't listened to the tuner on it much.. but I love it anyway. :)

2. Blackberry Tour - I've had the Pearl, Pearl Flip (a black one, then a pink one because the hot tub ate my black one) and now I have the Tour. (The perks of working for a cellular company) I seriously don't remember what life was like without cell phones... If for some reason I don't have mine I start to panic... seriously. I love AND hate the fact I get my e-mail on it, I love that I can get on Facebook from anywhere, the bbm is awesome, googlin' anything and everything at the very moment I need to is almost priceless and how could I forget LinkFour! :)

3. DVR - OMG, BEST. INVENTION. EVER. Jasper and I are so spoiled to this simple but amazing invention. In a small house with 4 little rug-rats it's nearly impossible to watch a TV show, or movie for that matter. So we just DVR everything we want to watch, then watch them after we've put the munchkins to bed!

4. The Quesadilla maker G-ma Pray got us for Christmas a few years back... I'm afraid mine is on it's last leg because we use it so much! Beef, chicken, cheese, pizza, hot dog (not too bad actually) quesadillas.. yummy! I love that thing, makes my job a little easier! :)

5. Bank card - You'd think EVERYONE would have a bank card... But that is not the case.. And it never fails that when I'm at the grocery store, or Wal-Mart and am in a hurry, I get behind the ONE person that wants to write a check... And that person is the SLOWEST writer in the whole entire world. I love that I can just swipe that little piece of plastic and be done with a quick sign of my initials. Ahhhhh.