10 things I thought about posting on FB...

But didn't.

I blab too much. About stuff no one cares about. Those little, mundane moments of my day probably shouldn't be shared with all of Facebook. Certainly not all of the blogosphere.

But guess what. I'm in a mood. So the following are 10 things I thought about posting on my FB status today, then decided not to. Lucky you. You get them all right here at once. I will pause a moment while you collect yourself, reeling from the sheer excitement.

Amy Schoon:

1...just signed up for an online telecourse called "Re-Arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic."

2...has two therapy appointments and another with her psychiatrist this week, in a span of two days. Welcome to 2010.

3...hopes Henry's current interest in blowing things up "with a bazooka!" is a phase that will pass quickly.

4...will never get warm. It's MINUS 20 wind chill out and feels like it's been this way since Christmas.

5...is thinking about signing up for an informal music group at church. An excuse to get out the clarinet in the dead of winter. Amy hopes her fingers don't freeze to the keys.

6...plans to make a chicken macaroni casserole in the Crock-Pot tomorrow. She only wishes she were going to be home all day to smell it cooking.

7...wonders how she's going to read the rest of Time Traveler's Wife (100+ pages) in one day, since tonight she's giving up real books forever in favor of her e-reader, the Nook. UPS is scheduled to deliver it today!!

8...made the mistake of getting vending machine coffee this a.m. since today is free beverage day at Pearson. Sometimes NO coffee is better than free coffee.

9...would love to adopt a Scottie, if one found its way to her door.

10...smiles when she recalls the last thing Henry said as she was walking out the door: "Mom. You're the best."


emawkc said...

11. ...often refers to herself in the third person.

(Happy New Year!)

Nutmeg said...

Love your facebook "would be statuses" i would have posted them, next time maybe you should. I love random thoughts of nothingness. ♥