Swine, skunk, sea bass -- it all stinks

If what I have isn't the swine flu, I'd sure hate to experience the swine flu. Because whatever vile virus has attacked me has knocked me on my butt. From the way I'm aching, it knocked the rest of me around pretty soundly as well.

According to the doc I saw yesterday, I do not have H1N1. They did the test. Have you had the test? It's not one you want to take. They jam a giant Q-tip up each nostril, straight into the sinus cavity, and leave it up there for 10 seconds. Which then caused me to sneeze several times all over the nurse. How hygienic is THAT?

I also was treated like I had the Bubonic plague. They slapped a mask on me the second I walked through the door and ushered me straight into an exam room rather than having me linger in the waiting room with potential victims.

I've been achy, had a temp of 102.6 at one point yesterday, runny nose, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, itchy eyes...blahblahblah. This stuff always affects me differently than regular folks because of my asthma. I'm now on steroids and regular puffs of a rescue inhaler to keep from developing pneumonia.

UGh. I hate to be whiney. But I think it's inevitable.

Henry had it on Monday, and he's bouncy and back to school today. I'm glad he's feeling better. It's too tough to take care of the both of us. I'm crossing my fingers Tim won't be the next to fall. I don't want him to suffer...plus, he's up to his neck in Pergo and our house is a disaster. I'd like to remedy THAT as soon as possible!

Back to bed...

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