A case of: That's just messed up!

I kept hearing "Oh, what a shame, what a great guy" comments after police found former NFL quarterback Steve McNair shot dead in a downtown Nashville condo last summer.

But the more I read about the guy, the more I think it's just another case of overpaid sports figure getting too big for his UnderArmour. Not that I think he deserved to be murdered. Just that I'm not all that surprised things went south, given the life he'd been leading.

For example, I just read an article that pointed out McNair, a married father of four, had been dating his murderer, 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi. But wait, there's more. He had at least one other girlfriend, apparently. Leah Ignagni told police McNair had spent the night at her apartment two nights before he was murdered by his other girlfriend.

Investigators learned from McNair's private security guard (who knew about the on-the-side chickybabes) that McNair was tired of Kazemi calling and bothering him when he was with his family. On the day he was killed, Kazemi had allegedly hounded McNair with text messages, telling him she needed money and begging him to be with her. Reports say he told her he was transferring money to her and would leave the house when the kids fell asleep.

Gee. What a kind, considerate fella, any way you look at it. Right? I guess money can't buy you love...indefinitely.

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