Lose for Good

I've refrained from talking on this blog about my current weight loss program, for fear my yammering on about points and lowfat and such might send you all running for the hills (but hey, that's heart-healthy activity, too, right?). Instead, I started a second blog, on which I blab about all things healthy-lifestyle related, track my progress, follow other diet blogs (although I think I've tried to ditch that "diet" word from my vocab).

However, I'm proud of the weight-loss company with which I have aligned myself, not only because I'm finding success BUT because it seems I am helping to combat hunger around the globe! I can't imagine being hungry. When I say I'm hungry, I really mean I'm having a craving for a peanut butter cup Blizzard or a large supreme pizza. Kids all over the world -- including in our country, most likely in my neighborhood -- go to bed hungry. They wake up to hunger. Their tummies rumble throughout the day. The United Nations estimates that a child in the world dies every six seconds from conditions related to malnutrition.

Breaks my heart.

Anyway, Weight Watchers just started its second annual Lose for Good campaign, which raises awareness about two global epidemics -- obesity and hunger. From the WW corporate office:

According to the National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey, 66% of U.S. adults are either overweight or obese. In juxtaposition to the obesity epidemic, a USDA report shows that 36.2 million people in the United States (and more than a billion people worldwide) do not have nutritionally adequate and safe foods available to them. Everyday, Weight Watchers helps people lose weight in a sustainable way by helping them adopt a healthier lifestyle and a healthier relationship with food and activity.

I'm interested in seeing what kinds of Lose for Good information will be talked about in our upcoming meetings. The national office has suggested members bring canned and packaged food to meetings, to be distributed to a local food bank. Last year, in the campaign's inaugural year, WW collected 1.5 million pounds of food to feed hungry people in communities across the globe.

To donate directly to the cause, visit Lose for Good.

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