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The last time I picked up any scrapbooking materials to design picture pages, Henry was 3 and I was working on his 2-year-old book. Now, I can't even remember which of the pictures I have stuffed in my folders are from which year(s) of his life. What a mess. It all feels very overwhelming.

So I decided I'd take a different approach. Instead of solely working the chronological order method, I'm going to start on a "Kindergarten" scrapbook and work on it throughout the year, as Tim prints pics for me. In between those pages, I'll work some on catching up with the past three or four years.

My new approach begins in earnest tonight, when my friend Dena and I head to a Moms Club crop. Last night I prepared by reorganizing all of my scrapping supplies. I didn't sort paper down to colors or organize my stickers according to theme...yet...but I at least got a sense of what I have to work with. I also have photos from preschool graduation and the first day of kindergarten to work with. Baby steps. Something's better than nothing. All those pseudo-inspirational mottos to recite in my head while I'm kicking myself for getting so behind.

Stickers. Die cuts. Brads. Ribbons. Specialty papers. Chipboard accessories. Gel pens. MMMMMM I've missed my addiction! It's nice to get back to preserving memories; we've made a lot of them since the last time I cut and pasted. At least I know I won't be bored during the long winter months; I'll have plenty of work to do.

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