Organize me, baby

I just bought a label maker. And I was nearly giggling with glee. Imagine the possibilities. This little machine could change my life.

Well, let's not go overboard. But I am envisioning the labels helping me to get a handle on my organization...or lack therof...in many areas of my world.

I used to be organized. No joke. I made lists of my to-do lists. I probably color-coded them and put them in alphabetical order. I once thought my life would cease if anything ever happened to my Franklin planner.

Now, I'm lucky to get out the door in the morning with matching shoes on my feet. I'm not going to blame Henry for my disarray and my sheer laziness. I just think that somewhere along the way, I had to prioritize. Playing with my kid and snuggling with my hubby on the couch (and a little knitting just for me) came before arranging the pantry foods in perfectly straight rows or hanging the clean laundry in neat sections -- shirts, then pants, then skirts, then jackets. Don't even get me started on the need to mop the kitchen floor. I think, actually, that the linoleum is beyond all hope. It is destined to be that shade of dryer-lint gray forever.

Maybe the label maker will change all that. Plus, I bought Rubbermaid containers in an array of sizes and lid colors. Maybe my Suzy Homemaker stars are aligned.

In fact, I swear I'm not making this up, I just looked up my horoscope for today. This is what it says:

In your opinion, life is far too short to waste on organizing and categorizing. You'd much rather go out and play with interesting, unusual people and leave the scrubbing to others more comfortable with the task. At the moment, however, you're actually in the mood to clean, and as usual, you won't be doing it halfway. You might try to stop yourself before you wash the paint off the walls, though -- unless you want to stay up all night painting too.

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Crystal said...

Ah the fellow Sag.... I read that this morning and thought... this one was soooo not meant for me today! LOL! :)