Everything I Need to Stress About is Because of Kindergarten

Mommy's heart is breaking a little today. Tim sent me an e-mail this morning, relaying the fact that Henry cried when Tim dropped him off for school. That news, in itself, wrenches the old ticker.

What really got me was the e-mail I received from his teacher late this morning, just giving me a heads up that Henry's been sad today. (As an aside, there will be another post soon on how different parenting and communicating with teachers is compared to back in the day.) She also informed me that he stayed inside at recess to make us a picture.

That sentence made Mommy sad. In fact, that bit of information prompted Mommy to run to the bathroom and bawl her eyes out for 10 minutes.

I'm better now. I hope he is, too. He's just overwhelmed, I'm sure.

You know who I really feel sorry for? Tim. He's the one who had to leave a tear-stained face and go to work.

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Tom said...

Wow, some things really have changed -- teachers emailing parents, for example.

And some things really haven't changed -- kids being sad to be away from their parents all day long at school. I remember that very same feeling -- many, many moons ago.

How cool that you are logging this sort of thing. Someday when he's much older, Henry will be reading your posting -- and I suspect be very touched that you guys were so sad for him...