Aha moment

I've immersed myself in spring cleaning...a few months late. Tim and I have both vowed to clean up our acts. Literally. We've promised we will each take at least 15 minutes a day to focus on one area of the house, decluttering, scouring, organizing, etc. We're tired of living in a pit strewn with dirty dishes and Happy Meal toys. (Remember that labeler purchase I made? Part of the new-and-improved, organized me.)

I find that I'm much happier and less apt to fall into a depressive state when I'm not neck deep in clutter and household chaos. It's easier to keep a brighter outlook when the view in front of you isn't covered in a half-inch of dust and Chinese take-out boxes.

Last night, I spent multiple hours removing everything from the bathroom cabinets, tossing out of date over-the-counter ointments and shampoo bottles with only an eighth of an inch of product left. I scrubbed everything, bleached the tub, Windexed the mirror...domestic bliss!

What sparked all this, you ask? What's gotten into me?? Excited about cleaning??? Are you nuts?! Maybe. Possibly. Probably. I've been thinking a lot about my motivation, and the only thing I can come up with is that I'm, for lack of a better term, NESTING. I'm not having a baby, but I am preparing my child for the next big step in his life, which is a huge change for all of us. Getting our lives in order, to help make the transition easier, seems like a terrific idea. Guess my subconsious came up with it; my consious "me" was clueless until my epiphany on the drive to work this morning.

Whatever the impetus, it's a wonderful feeling to look in the bathroom mirror in the morning and not see toothpaste splotches. To come home from work each day to a neatly made bed instead of a wad of sheets and pillows. To walk across the floor and not step on a Lego or a plastic knight or some variety of miniature earth-moving equipment.

Taking bets on how long this will last??

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