I miss my old friend Mr. Heat Index

This was the forecast for my town on The Weather Channel Web site this a.m. Mostly sunny.

Really? You think?

Because I cannot remember the last time I saw the sun. Saturday evening, maybe? And before that, oh, April 27th? I'm only slightly exaggerating. Over the weekend, the low was in the 40s. It rained all day yesterday, and not a misty smattering but pummeling downpours. I drove to work in drippy fog this morning. I sat at my desk for 45 minutes this morning with my therapy light blazing.

It is (glancing at the wall calendar just to be certain) July 22. In the Midwest. I am wearing a sweater today. A sweater and a black skirt that reaches my ankles. July 22, folks. This is 17 kinds of twisted.

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emawkc said...

It's global climate change. You want sunshine, you'll have to move to Seattle.