Hittin' the road

Dog's going to the pooch b&b first thing tomorrow morning, then we hit the road in our quazi-fuel-efficient Civic for a long weekend in the big city. My kind of town, Chicago...at this point, anywhere that's not home is my kind of town. I need a getaway.

We're staying on Michigan Avenue and, if we have any sort of luck at all, we could have a room overlooking the lakeshore. We plan to hit the aquarium and Navy Pier, and Henry insists we MUST go to Legoland (he WILL not talk us into a $300 lego set of the Death Star; putting my foot down *stomp*). Millenium Park's on the must-see-again list, too. Henry was barely walking the last time we spent time in Chi-town. So it's really like he'll be seeing it for the first time.

He's somewhat bummed the Cubs aren't playing at home this weekend. The others of us, who are still reeling from the fact that his preschool teachers have BRAINWASHED him from a sports team perspective, aren't so sad at all. Besides, it means more time in the hotel pool.

The days will fly by too fast and going back to work on Monday will suck. But we'll enjoy the mini-vacay moments while they last.


Tom said...

Enjoy!! Chicago is such a great city to get away to. The Children's Museum on Navy Pier is incredible. My 8-year-old nephew loved it last summer; I suspect Henry would, too.

Amy said...

We are such small towners. We complained about everything -- from the long lines to the price of parking to our feet hurting (that was mostly H). For all the headaches, we should've gone to Disneyworld!