The voices inside and outside my head...

I'm having one of those days where I just want to be alone. I don't want to talk to anyone. I don't want to hear any noise or incessant chatter. I don't want to hear the dog barking. I don't want to do anything but sit in a room by myself and just be in the quiet moment.

However, that hasn't been my day. In fact, that hasn't been my weekend. I went to a musical on Friday night, band practice Saturday a.m., a small-town festival and playdate with Henry on Saturday afternoon, TV shopping on Saturday evening and again Sunday midday, and a band concert on Sunday late afternoon. I just finished helping Henry with his piano practice. And all the while, all weekend long, I've been bombarded by every question a 5-year-old can ask, from "What are you doing?" (what he just asked me as I'm writing this) to "Why did Obi-Wan Kenobi disappear at the end of Star Wars?" to "When are you going to have more babies?" to "Can you name all the teachers you've ever had?"

I love him. But ENOUGH.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Henry gets this need for endless blabbing from my side of the family. I've been known to yak for yakking's sake. So have several other relatives who shall remain nameless (Dad). As for the rest of the noise, a lot of it is my doing -- I signed up for this clarinet business. I wanted H to take piano. I am always willing to fight the crowds and masses for a few hours of shopping.

But UGH.

Not to mention...where'd my weekend go? In 12 hours, I'll be driving to work. At least it's a short week. We leave for Fort Fun to spend quality 4th of July time with good friends! Maybe I'll sic my inquisitive chatterbox on Queen Anne and King Ted for a couple days!


AnneR said...

Queen Anne and King Ted look forward to entertaining the chatterbox. And for the rest of you, we have earplugs, cocktails, and a hot tub (though not necessarily at the same time).

Brianne said...

Ah Henry. It's funny from this end, I can imagine not so much from your end. You should just put him on the phone with grandpa and they can entertain each other! :)

Crystal said...

Ya know, I was having the same kind of day yesterday... so finally last night I was sitting on the front poarch with a "cold beverage" enjoying some peace, within 5 minutes here comes the hubby, then Kinley, then Nate! What's a girl gotta do to get a little quiet time?!?!