The Quire: Quite a Show!

I owe another wonderful discovery to Facebook. Because it is Facebook that helped me get to know a coworker personally and find out that he's a member of The Quire, eastern Iowa's Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender chorus. Which, in turn, led me to learn that they were having their "Americana Pride Concert" tonight at Zion Lutheran Church in Iowa City.

What an amazing group! Gorgeous voices, delightful humor, an hour and a half that I thoroughly enjoyed. They did gospel songs, spirituals, a little Irving Berlin, a bit of George Gershwin, and a couple chucklers just because they're fun people. One was called "The Homomotion," to the tune of the Locomotion...you can only imagine... The last song of the night was "I Do," a song in celebration of this year's extraordinary events in Iowa that led to our state legalizing same-sex marriage. At several points in the song, members of the group held up signs saying "I did it!" or "I'm willing!" And then one woman held one up that said, "Stephanie" and then she flipped it over and the back side said, "Will you marry me?"

The place roared! There were cheers and tears and hugs and flowers. Wow, I love living here!

If you ever get the chance, see this group. Toe-tapping, emotionally charged, lotsa goosebumps. They're phenomenal.

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