Gift-giving advice

Pssst. Everyone. I have a question. While Tim's out of town and not paying attention to my blog ranting...

Do you have any ideas for him for Father's Day?

I have a stellar plan for his 40th birthday coming up in July. But I'm drawing a blank for Father's Day.

We all know his obsessions: cycling and photography. He's also a Packers and Brewers fan. He enjoys books and movies and documentaries about history and politics. He loves being outdoors, camping and canoeing and hiking and such.

So help me. Any ideas, no matter how off the wall, will be appreciated. E-mail them to me, so just in case he's dinking with his iPod Touch, the secrets won't be revealed.

We're so sneaky, you and me.


Anonymous said...

Hope you come up with some good suggestions. And maybe an "extra" that you can pass along to us. After all, it's a special birthday!
Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Find him a friend and send him canoeing in the Boundary Waters.

Cherie said...

Amy, I have an idea but don't know your email address and didn't see a readily apparent way to email you from your blog. I'm at izoofan2 AT hotmail DOT com.