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It's 2009, the year when the first African American president of the United States of America took office. Why, may I dare to ask, do at least six states in these UNITED states celebrate something called "Confederate Memorial Day"?

It is a state-sanctioned holiday. People get the day off. Why, may I also ask, do we not have a "Union Memorial Day"? Want to know why? Because we already have a memorial day on which we honor those who have passed, no matter what flag they flew or what military might they supported. It's on the last Monday in May.

The states I found observing this Dimwit Dixie Day are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi (April 26), and North and South Carolinas (May 10) -- and there may be others I missed...I betcha Texas is one.

In case anyone forgot, the whole reason those southern evangelical nutjobs wanted to secede from the Union is because they wanted to keep their slaves. Slaves, people. There's no room in our society for a holiday that in any way, shape, or form celebrates the notion that human beings can own other human beings.

Certainly not just because people want a three-day weekend.

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