Day 31 -- Stick a fork in me

What did you think of the 31-day random post idea generator?

I'll let you all comment.

Meantime, I'm tired of writing about myself, my thoughts, my feelings, all that me-me-me garbage. I suppose I've been told that people should always write about what they know. This little experiment shows me that I tire of me. Quickly.

Maybe I'm just tired in general. We had a long day. Henry got his remaining ear tube removed in a minor surgical procedure this morning. About 4 hours of waiting for 10 minutes of actual surgery. The nurses said he came through it fabulously, waking up by simply opening his eyes and saying hello. We remembered the last time, when he had the tubes put in at age 1.5-ish, he woke up screaming and continued for quite some time.

He wasn't quite himself from a balance standpoint most of the rest of the day, and he needed lots of extra snuggles on the couch. We also showered him with gifts and treats and kisses and let him pick where he wanted to eat dinner -- Village Inn, he said, because he didn't get to eat breakfast before surgery. He's the only kid in America who'd pick the pancake house over a Happy Meal.

And in a thrilling conclusion to the evening, Olympic gymnast and Iowa's sweetheart, Shawn Johnson, won the coveted mirror-ball trophy and season 8 of Dancing with the Stars. If you recall, I was cheering her on from the beginning, although my faithfulness in viewing the show faltered a bit this year. The best thing about DWTS this time around was that it was the lead-in for my new favorite show, Castle, which has been renewed for the fall season. You have time to watch all the episodes online (at least they were up last time I checked) and catch up in time for the season opener. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Nathan Fillion is the next big thang. Mark my words.

Thanks for tuning in for my 31-day blog marathon, of sorts. We'll see what new gimmick I can come up with to force myself to write each day.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Henry did not get to stay up to see the grand finale of Dancing With the Stars, but I know he will be very excited to learn that Shawn won! I can just imagine hearing him say again, "She's so CUTE!"

Tom said...

I enjoyed your 31 days of blogging. I didn't comment much because I typically read your postings while on the go on my phone, but I liked them!

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to reading your blog. It was nice to have a new one each day even though you were clearly not happy with some of the subjects. You make me giggle with your comments about some of them. I can't wait until you write your book someday- I'm a fan forever!! ~Michelle D.

AnneR said...

For those of us who are too far away to get regular Amy fixes, you blog yammering is quite fun. I hear what you're saying about too much "me me me," but that's the beauty of blogs... we come here by choice, so you know your readers are only here because we WANT to hear you yammer!