Day 25 -- Lookee, lookee at me!

10 things I've done or said that I'm proud of

I, first off, would like to apologize for this ridonkulous "Me" fest that the 31 days of random-blog-post-prompt-generator-ness seems to have turned into. I guess I could figure out a way to turn all these "me, myself, and I" prompts into something more worldly. Instead, I will shun all thoughts of world peace or curing cancer or human rights or whatnot and continue to say, "Hey world, it's really all about me. I'm so awesome. I'm too sexy for this blog..."

I'm proud of:
1. Being a bleeding-heart liberal
2. Being a parent (I waver between proud and terrified)
3. Supporting the March of Dimes
4. My former journalism career
5. My marriage -- I think we work hard at it
6. My ability to make sushi and gourmet pizza
7. The annual holiday family newsletter
8. Purposefully doing something fun for myself every day
9. Blogging (not so sure about the last 24 days or so)
10. Teaching myself to knit socks

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