Day 23 -- Not that anyone cares...

10 places I have lived, in order

I'm not altogether sure I've lived in 10 different places. We'll give it a shot. I guess if you count all my college moves...

1. 519 N. First Street, Mulvane, KS
2. 1205 Joann Dr., Mulvane, KS
3. Fourth floor Ford Hall, KSU, Manhattan, KS
4. A studio apartment on Douglas Street, Wichita, KS
5. Fairmount Towers, WSU, Wichita, KS
6. A room in a sports writer's house, Bel Nor, MO
7. Massasoit Apts, Atchison, KS
8. A couple shady apartments in Ogden, UT
9. First-time-homebuyer's house on 24th St., Ogden, UT
10. Mold-invested* rental house on 5th Ave. Place, Coralville, IA

*Edited to note: I left the misspelling of "infested" there just to show you how brain-fried I was when I wrote it.

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Crystal said...

Ahhh.... 1205 Joann, I love that place!:)