The sky is falling?

Iowa took a giant step forward last week when its Supreme Court ruled that the ban on same-sex marriages was unconstitutional.

However, our newfound status as a progressive place -- oh so much more than pigs and corn and redneck hicks -- may be short lived.

A group in Iowa City is petitioning the city council in an effort to change a city ordinance. What do these fine folks want? They want to raise chickens in the city limits. I can almost hear it now... Why did the chicken cross the road? To buy organic whole grains at New-Pi!

The group actually gives some quazi-legitimate reasons for wanting this local legislation. They say it will help encourage self-sustaining practices and be educational for youngsters. Someone even suggested that the fowl droppings can be used as fertilizer. I understand recycling pop bottles. I get using canvas bags for groceries. But eggs? That I can buy at the store for a mere $1.20 a dozen? To each his own. I'm sure there'll be a few enterprising hippies out there up for the challenge of becoming Mr. or Ms. Green Jeans, in a manner of speaking.

Are they also thinking we're going to slaughter the critters for a tasty skillet of General Tzo's? I can't imagine making the effort. And if we have chickens, will we also have roosters? Because a whole neighborhood of cockadoodledoos would get mighty old, pronto. There's more than one reason farmers live so far apart from each other in the country, eh? I've actually been told that no boys will be allowed, and no chickens will be harmed in the making of this little ovo-production.

What do you think? Should I support this bird-brained scheme? Should I raise myself some egg-layers? Wouldn't Maggie have fun chasing the chicks 'round the yard?!

The best part of this story, though, involves the name of this grassroots group promoting city-grown poultry.

Friends for Urban Chickens. F.U.C.

*shaking her head*


AnneR said...

If you have the word "city" in your municipality's name, you probably shouldn't expect to have Green Acres-inspired zoning laws.

Tim said...

Technically, I believe we're the City of Iowa City, so we have the word "city" twice. I'd take a couple of chickens clucking around over this tax increase the city is after.