Day 7 -- A case of the oogeys

What is the grossest thing you've seen today?

I must be truthful. This was not what came up on the random blog idea generator. But I was so ick'ed out at the gym this morning, I had to express my disgust.

The guy next to me in spin class seemed like a perfectly normal, reasonable guy. He said hello, joked a bit, then got down to business riding. But about halfway through the 80-minute class, he started doing something that made me want to simultaneously vomit and bean him with my water bottle. Repeatedly.

He blew his nose. Into the gym towel. Again and again and again.

Now, I have no problem with those whose sinuses are profoundly affected by athletic endeavors. But blowing your germ-laden snot all over a towel that you're, at the end of the class, going to chuck into a laundry bin and walk away from without a care is... Just. Plain. Revolting.

You realize that the fluff-and-fold-fairies aren't going to magically appear and whisk the sweat towels off to be miraculously cleansed. Right?

Some poor (literally) individual, scraping by on minimum wage, must cart off those towels and place them -- using his or her own hands -- in a washing machine. I would know. I used to be the unfortunate do'er of this heinous deed. When I was in college, I was a front-desk receptionist at the eastside YMCA in Wichita. It was bad enough that people wiped their stinky sweat all over them, or dried off their nether regions on them, but to blow your boogers and cooties and whatever else all over them before leaving them for the hired help to deal with.

Well, that's just rude.

Next time I see the guy using those gym towels like they're disposable Kleenex, I might just think about wiping my nose on the sleeve of his Patagonia hoodie. And call it even.

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AnneR said...

This post fits in with the conversation a nurse friend and I had early Saturday am--expressing our wonder at how the hospital laundry people tolerate the stuff we put in the laundry. Equally (if not even more so) gross but more socially acceptable than Booger Biker.