Day 6 -- Here's to you, Mom and Dad

10 things I really like about my parents

1. They never gave me a curfew. Of course, I had no social life to speak of in high school, so I'm pretty sure I didn't need one.

2. They love being grandparents and never seem to get tired of playing and hanging out with little ones. (Nevermind that most of the kids call my dad "Grumpa"...it's a term of endearment. Really.)

3. They always believe in me, even when I don't believe in myself.

4. They willingly make the 8-9 hour drive on a fairly frequent basis to come visit.

5. Dad's extraordinary baking talents/Mom's incredible gift of quilting

6. They bought me a puppy in 8th grade and took terrific care of her for many years after I moved away. In essence, they adopted her and I'll always be so grateful.

7. They're excruciatingly liberal! Despite all the odds! My mom is Keith Olbermann's biggest fan.

8. They're kind and thoughtful and generous, to a fault, probably.

9. They've been senior citizens for a LONG time, yet they stay active, have high-speed Internet, and watch Dancing with the Stars. So (not broken) hip and trendy!

10. They love my husband like he was their own kid.

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