Day 2 -- Ouch

What things in life give you pain?

- Thinking about junior high
- Thinking about my son having to endure junior high
- Unmet expectations
- Narrow-minded, hateful people
- Death
- Taxes
- Cheap flip-flops
- My lack of willpower combined with procrastination
- Knowing that there's no cure for mental illness
- Realizing there are hungry children in America
- People who don't like dogs
- Mathematics
- Skinny jeans
- Those who get all the credit yet deserve none
- Mariah Carey
- Trying to spin to country music
- The first day back at work after vacay
- Temps below 40 degrees
- PCs
- Running on uneven sidewalks
- Whining
- The fact I don't have Tivo anymore
- My lower back
- Canker sores
- A sick kiddo
- The heartbreak of psoriasis
- Making mistakes
- Being unable to forgive myself
- Dealing with those who value career over everything else
- Acknowledging that I'm not a fabulous mom
- Change
- Decaf coffee
- The great American novel I have yet to write
- Know-it-alls
- Missing my lost my engagement/wedding rings
- That there never seems to be enough time
- God
- Faith
- The unknown


Brianne said...

Now what are the things that bring you joy? :)

AnneR said...

No Tivo would be painful. I suppose it's not the MOST painful thing on your list, but still...