Day 13 -- How could I?!

10 of my very worst ideas

1. Dating someone I met on the Internet. It might work for some people. For me, 't'was a nightmare.
2. Taking a job in the corporate world, a 50-minute-one-way commute, when my baby was barely a toddler and only seeing him 30 minutes to an hour a day -- because I thought more money could fix everything.
3. Moving into an apartment with my best friend in college. We no longer speak.
4. Thinking I had no way out and wishing for death.
5. Majoring in print journalism. That's a sure path to nowhere these days.
6. Going with whats-his-name to junior prom. Sh**, I don't even remember his name.
7. Leaving K-State after only one semester.
8. Crushing on any of a number of men who turned out -- not surprisingly, looking back -- to be gay.
9. Driving to that city council meeting in the ice storm. Ford Tempo, meet Tractor Trailer Rig.
10. Thinking that my mental illness was "just a character fault" and not getting help sooner.

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