Day 12 -- A little this, a little that

What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?

I try a lot of things. I don't stick with much. And I'm not incredibly outstanding at anything. But I love being able to say, "Oh...I did that!"

In my early years, I played T-ball (one season, horrible memories, sorry I even mentioned it), took piano lessons, played clarinet in band, read obsessively, watched too much TV, loved stationery and wrote many letters, and played an insane amount of Yahtzee with my grandmother.

Along the way, I've also cross-stitched, scrapbooked, started writing several stories and books, occasionally become fixated with crossword puzzles and games of Scrabble, sewed and quilted, cooked and baked, revisited the clarinet, volunteered sporadically, gardened (halfheartedly...I lose interest when the temps reach 90 or so).

At the moment, I'm putting all my efforts into knitting. I can do it while I'm doing another of my favorite activities -- watching TV and/or listening to podcasts. I started out making anything straight, rectangular, basic knit stitch, which soon got old. The world needs only so many scarves. So I've expanded my repertoire. I can do hats and socks, in addition to various rectangular projects in more creative pattens, and my most recent accomplishment was a baby dress. Again, I'm not the world's most accomplished knitter. Doesn't matter. I enjoy the way the bamboo needles feel in my grip and the way the fibers feel against my skin.

I also still read a lot, yet less than I'd like to read. My guilty pleasures are paranormal romance and book series -- Harry Potter, Twilight, Outlander, etc. I love getting whisked away to another time or place, living excitement vicariously through strong, witty characters. Lately, my hobby has been nurturing my kiddo's interest in reading. There's nothing quite so enjoyable as listening to his little 5-year-old voice sounding out Dr. Seuss's "Oh the Places You'll Go!"

I need to find the time to write regularly. That is, to write more than a blog a day. I've been saying, for years, that I want to write a book. My husband is my biggest fan and insists that I could make a go of it. There's just the matter of finding the time. And inspiration. And belief in myself. Working on it...

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Brianne said...

Looove the Harry Potter series. I hear True Blood is excellent, too.