Day 1 -- Spring into Action

Describe a perfect spring day and activities on that day.

I'm not sure this automatic blog idea generator is such a great thing. This was my first option? Can I reshuffle and try again? I'll tell you one thing, today is gray and a bit chilly, muddy from yesterday's rain, and my kid is in a timeout because he's throwing a holy fit.

That right there would be close to the opposite of a perfect spring day.

Going for a bike ride in the warm sun, on a trail next to some sparkling water, would be a nice start. Or walking Mags and listening to a newly created iPod playlist filled with Avril and Alanis. Or sitting in a lounge chair on the deck, reading some fun, escapist fiction, sipping an iced latte. Or catching up on podcasts of the Mike O'Meara radio show while mindlessly knitting with soft, luscious fibers, sitting in the sunshine streaming through our guest room window, screens open and a warm breeze stroking my skin.

Since none of that's happening today, I guess I'll have to make do. Henry and I pulled some kitchen chairs into the living room, grabbed a sheet, and created a "tent," in which we drew pictures on a notepad (of an underground world with hopping snakes and body-less heads and such), then H read me a book called "Duck at the Door." Later, I'm meeting a friend for coffee downtown. We're hopefully planning to sit outside and catch up on girl talk, but I'm not holding my breath. The sky looks ominous.

It is spring, after all. April showers bring May flowers? I guess we have a couple weeks until I can put my "perfect Spring day" into action.

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