Dancing with the Stars, Amy Style

I've been wanting to do this for a while...make my picks for the next DWTS cast. There's a fine balance. You have to make sure to include the right mix of actors, musicians, pretty people, athletes, odd ducks, and such. I'm not sure I have it just right. And I'm probably too light on the young folks. I'm out of touch, what can I say? I didn't even bother choosing any ultra famous people, like Tim's suggestion of Steve Carell, who'd be terrific and slapsticky, but who has more money and fame (and projects) than he knows what to do with and simply wouldn't have the time or inclination to join in.

I didn't include a pro football player this time, but if I thought about it more, I'd pick one of those big guys with the braids/dreadlocks. It'd be fun to see them sashay-ing around the dance floor, whapping their hair into their professional partner. (As a complete digression...how many times a game do you think they get not-so-playful yanks from the opponents? OUCH!)

Here it is. Lemme know what you think:

George Brett
, former Kansas City Royals baseball player, most famous for the "pine tar" incident

Chris Evert, former tennis star and whipping girl to Martina Navratilova

Tim Allen, actor/comedian, best known for "Home Improvement"

Tracey Gold, actress from "Growing Pains" and former anorexic and drunk driver

Sade, singer-songwriter who had a hit with "Smooth Operator" in the '80s

(Heather Armstrong), online phenom, writer, artist, and ex-Mormon who got fired from her job for blogging about her job

August Busch IV, Anheuser-Busch bigwig (or at least he was before the foreign company bought them out)

Danica Patrick, race car driver and Go Daddy! pitch person (this one's a stretch...I can't see her agreeing to do it. Plus, the last race car driver to participate is now looking at time in the pokey for tax evasion.)

Kid Rock, Country crossover rapper singer/musician (this just makes me giggle)

Antwon Tanner, "One Tree Hill" actor who I do not know, but I needed some diversity on my list and I doubted Michael Jordan would sign up for such silliness

Tom Selleck, formerly big-mustachioed actor (My alternative here would be Richard Dean Anderson aka MacGyver.)

Jenna Jameson, multi-million-dollar porn star diva

One of the girls from Gossip Girls or The Hills, just because I need a younger woman to attract the kids-demographic, but I'm not being specific because I have no idea who any of them are.

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