Post-Vacay Blues

Our Monterey trip was fantastic. Catching up on sleep and getting back into the old grind (WORK...ugh) have been painful, though.

I'll post some pics once Tim has a chance to sort them...what would've amounted to something like 40 old-fashioned rolls of film. I'm glad we don't have to pay One-Hour-Photo THAT developing bill.

Among the highlights:

We went whale-watching. Didn't actually see any whales, but we did find a group of about 300 Risso's dolphins swimming alongside and jumping up in the air.

We had our anniversary night dinner at Domenico's on the Wharf, enjoying a yummy seafood dinner as well as entertainment by the live Brown Pelicans walking along the pier outside the window.

We watched the sunset in a different spot each night. I think my favorite was on Carmel Beach, sitting on a rock with my honey, watching tons of dogs playing fetch in the sand. We saw one owner with a Westie and a Scottie -- has to be a sign, doncha think?!

We didn't see Clint Eastwood. And we didn't eat at his restaurant. We did, however, drive by it. Entirely by accident.

One of my favorite spots was a stretch of trail along the rocky shore in Pacific Grove, once named by Life Magazine as "the most romantic city in the U.S." Fantastic scenery, including harbor seals sunning themselves on rocks, multi-million-dollar homes across the street, and patches of fog that seemed to appear from nowhere.

Every third car we saw was a BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche. Unless it was a Lamborghini.

If you're ever in Monterey, have breakfast where the locals do: The Old Monterey Cafe. Fantastic food and a fine cup of coffee.

My English friend, Tina, suggested I try a pub while in Monterey. We outdid ourselves: we ate and drank a pint (or several) at each of the three English pubs in the area. And we tried fresh Monterey calamari...MMMMMMMMMMMM! (Tim's calamari steak sandwich at Jack London's in Carmel was fab, too.)

Among our many art stops, we visited the Weston Gallery in Carmel, featuring the photography of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Yousuf Karsh, and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Tim suggested I give him a print for his next birthday. When the prices of the artwork aren't even listed on the wall, you know you won't ever have enough to purchase anything.

I thought I might never get Tim away from the sea jellies exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They're mesmerizing and completely photogenic. The sea otters were damn cute, too. But I must admit...I kinda thought the MBA paled in comparison with our own fine Midwestern attraction, the Shedd Aquarium.

Enough for now. Visit Tim's site for more photos. Although if we're only getting them at the speed of one per day, our vacation slide show may last until Henry's college graduation.

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Brown Pelicans would be a good name for a band.