Major Milestone Alert

Henry just read an entire book...to ME.

I'm giddy!!!!

I had to help him with a few unusual words that don't follow the phonics rules. And I had to remind him to "sound it out" several times.

But he pretty much read the whole book.

The book he read was one of mine from my childhood, given to me by a family friend and wildly popular substitute teacher, Miss West, who sadly passed away a few years ago. She was one of those devoted teacher types who never married a person, just her career. I could write a whole blog just about her -- she was famous for her "red hot parties" where she'd pass out those tiny cinnamon candies to students who behaved well. She used to sing songs about "four wheels on my wagon, and I'm just rolling along, the Cherokees are after me, flaming spears burn my ears..." ok, so it was a different time. And when I moved to Utah, every time I saw her on my visits back home, she'd talk basketball with me. She loved the Jazz, Karl Malone in particular.

Ooh. Complete digression. At any rate, the book was "I Am a Mouse" a Golden Sturdy Book by Ole Risom, with illustrations by John P. Miller. Copyright 1964.

Hardy Boys are right around the corner, I can feel it. Even sooner, I predict he'll be able to read the notes he brings home for his parents by the time he goes to kindergarten in the fall.


Anonymous said...

Henry's mommy's kindergarten teacher related to her parents that when notes were passed to be taken home, she would read the notes and tell the other kids what they said! (I can see the tradition continuing!)
Amy's mom

Brianne said...

Congrats to Henry!! :)

And you totally reminded me of a bumper sticker we printed that says: Shouldn't it be spelled fonetic?