This picture's worth a thousand creepy words

I had an unsettling trip to the dentist today. No, I didn’t have any cavities. No, I didn’t get a root canal. Yes, the perky hygienist scolded me for not flossing enough, but that happens every time.

My brush, so to speak, with the freaky came when Miss Perky told me it’d be a good idea for me to get some sort of PanoXSupersonicultradooper digital image of my head. I think I had one before, at a different dental office, and thought nothing of it. I agreed. Ok, fine. Then she went on to explain why I should get one of these X-ray shots. I’m quoting here:

"It’s really important to have these kinds of X-rays because if you were ever to get in a horrible accident and needed reconstructive surgery, these are the pictures that could help you get your face back. OR, if you know, they ever needed to identify the body…"

Well, it’s nice to know that in the future, when my cranium is mangled beyond recognition, or when the police are trying to piece together my identity from the 3,000 bits the serial killer chopped me up into, I will have taken this fine opportunity to be prepared.

I also learned that I have polyps in my sinus cavity. Guess that was just some bonus information.


Brianne said...

Ok I'm sorry - I read that and just started laughing. Then I got this mental image of what this person may look like. Looked somewhat valley girl-ish. WHO would SAY that???? Oh my gosh. Did you just look at her like, "WTF??" :) 'Cause I would have.

Amy said...

I think I was so stunned, it took me a minute to realize what she'd just said. Then I had trouble keeping a straight face while she put me in the machine and made me bite down and stick my tongue up and all the other contorted stuff I had to do for the X-ray.

I think my initial reaction was to say, "Oh. Sure." And nod. Nodding like a moron was definitely included.