Oscar Predictions

UPDATE: Like this is any big surprise...I SUCK. On a positive note, I've learned a new skill tonight -- I learned how to do strikethrough in html. Give me an award...

I could not stink worse at this. Of all the movies nominated, I've seen about THREE. But what the heck...

Leading Actor -- Mickey Rourke But I'm OH-SO-GLAD Sean won!!!

Supporting Actor -- Heath Ledger

Leading Actress -- Melissa Leo But I'm glad Kate won!

Supporting Actress -- Marisa Tomei

Animated Feature -- Bolt

Art Direction -- The Dark Knight

Cinematography -- The Reader

Costume Design -- Australia

Best Picture -- Milk

Short Film, Animated -- Lavatory, Lovestory

Short Film, Live Action -- Auf der Strecke

Visual Effects -- The Dark Knight

Directing -- Slumdog Millionaire

Documentary Feature -- The Garden

Documentary Short -- Smile Pinki

Film Editing -- The Dark Knight

Foreign Language Film -- The Class

Makeup -- Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Original Score -- Defiance

Original Song -- Jai Ho

Sound Editing -- Slumdog Millionaire

Sound Mixing -- The Dark Knight

Original Screenplay -- Frozen River (but I'm secretly hoping for In Bruges)

Adapted Screenplay -- The Reader

(And I've made a resolution to see at least two movies a month in the theater for the rest of this year. I don't want to become one of those parents whose last outing to the movies was either an animated feature or something they can't remember because they were so exhausted they fell asleep halfway through.)


Tom said...

Amy, I sure hope you end up being right and Milk takes best picture. While I didn't see The Reader or Frost/Nixon, I disliked Slumdog Millionaire and Benjamin Button. So a Milk win would be awesome!!

AnneR said...

We saw Milk last night and Amy, I thought about how much you'd love it (if you haven't seen it yet). The only other best pic nom I've seen is Benj Button, and I'd easily pick Milk over it for the Oscar.

And here here to your movie vow! Our local indy theater has great underseen films and I hope to catch a lot more of them this year.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to go to some movies with you, Amy! Drop me a line.

Sara M.