Dog Days

Waah. Sadie the Scottie didn't win.

But, next best thing...guess who did...

A TEN-YEAR-OLD Sussex Spaniel named Stump! Tim and I decided, after seeing him win his group, that he was just about the cutest thing we'd ever seen.

He's, by far, the oldest best in show in the 133-year history of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. That whole old dog, new trick thing rears its furry, slobbery head.

One curious thing I noticed about this year's best in show hopefuls: not one of the seven dogs in the final was light-colored or white. They were all either dark brown, gray, or shades of black. Is this some sort of subtle commentary on the dark days we're experiencing with our economy? Perhaps it's only a coincidence. Maybe it's the year for dogs of color, what with our new historic president and all.

Maggie points out that the Westies never had a chance.

There's always next year.

Photo: David Atlas, msg.com

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