25 Random Things, the Blogger Edition

I haven't blogged in a while, so I thought I'd make use of some copy I already wrote for my Facebook page and print it here, too. For those of you who are either 1) too technophobic for such nonsense or 2) haven't gotten into my good graces enough to be friended by me. There might be other excuses for you, but I don't have time to get into them now.

Anyway, the schtick goes that you list 25 Random Things about yourself, then your readers are supposed to do the same about themselves and send the list back to you (and others they would like to harass and annoy and shock with their twisted form of online therapy).

Happy Monday. That might be #26 -- I hate it when people tell me to have a good day. I hate telling people to have a good day. As if, having a choice, we'd opt to have a sucky one. Really.

1. I had an Internet romance before it became trendy. And I learned why you're never supposed to trust a complete stranger in cyberspace. Particularly one who insists he's not married.
2. My mom used to call me her "manic-depressive daughter" a good 20 years before I was actually clinically diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I wonder how my enjoyment of life might have improved in college and my early career days if someone had thought to prescribe lithium back then.
3. I got kicked out of a restaurant in West Branch, Iowa, for breastfeeding my baby when he was about six months old. I ended up in local, regional, and national media for it. I received hate mail from people who called me a pervert. Ironically, my child weaned himself a month later.
4. One of my favorite iTunes playlists includes the songs Barbie Girl, Who Let the Dogs Out, Ice Ice Baby, and MMMBop. And now I'm sorry I'm admitting that.
5. I have a job as a copy editor, but it will never be my passion. I will always identify myself as a "writer." I miss sharing people's stories.
6. I taught myself to knit socks last year and now have a new obsession.
7. My husband is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Or that ever will.
8. I've chosen to have only one child. It's my choice, based on my health, my psyche, and what is best for our family. If you have any opinions about how my child is going to suffer some horrible "only-child syndrome" or how I'm clearly making the biggest mistake of my life, keep them to yourself because my reproductive life is nobody's business. Seriously, I don't care what you think.
9. There are three things I miss about living in Utah (where I lived, begrudgingly, for 4.5 years). Rooster's brewpub and Karen's Cafe in downtown Ogden, and living two blocks from the foot of a mountain.
10. I started running 5Ks last year then stopped when I fell and tore muscle tissue in my hand. I really shouldn't run. I'm too klutzy.
11. I was a size 6-8 when I got married and still thought I was fat. Now I'd kill to be that size again. I even saved a pair of jeans from that time period, and they hang in my closet and taunt me daily. I'm not sure I could wedge a thigh in them.
12. If I could figure out a way to financially manage it, I'd sit on my couch and knit and watch Lifetime Movie Network all day at least three days a week.
13. I was a candy striper at a hospital in Wichita, Kan., during my college days, and loved it -- whether I was working in the gift shop or transporting patients in wheelchairs or taking urine samples to the lab. I'm twisted that way.
14. I slept with a lesbian. That is, I had a friendly, platonic sleepover with a friend in high school who ended up bringing her girlfriend to our 10-year class reunion.
15. I bought a bicycle in 2002 and within a month, I fell off and broke my elbow. It was my first broken bone. I should stick to the stationery/indoor spin bike. See #10.
16. In college, I was a receptionist in a Wichita, Kan., hair salon where Kirstie Alley came to get her hair colored and cut when she was in her hometown. Once, I photocopied her credit card receipt, so I sort of have her autograph. I'm not sure I should admit this. It might be highly illegal.
17. Among the pseudo famous people I interviewed during my newspaper reporting days: Astronaut Wally Schirra, Pro Golfer Raymond Floyd, Country Singer Joe Diffie, and Utah native Jeff Leatham -- floral designer for the George V Four Seasons Hotel in Paris (he had a spread in People magazine right after my story ran in the paper).
18. I can't play Tetris because once I start, then I can't stop and see blocks dropping for weeks every time I close my eyes.
19. My all-time favorite soda is Diet Crystal Pepsi. What do I have to do to get them to bring it back?
20. I read erotica. Probably too much.
21. Every time I watch a movie that is based on a book I know and love, I vow to myself that I'll never do it again.
22. As a child, my favorite girl detective was always Trixie Belden. I never thought much of Nancy Drew.
23. I wish I'd practiced more when I took piano lessons as a kid. Then, perhaps, the piano in our living room would get more use.
24. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are my crack cocaine.
25. If we'd had a girl, I wanted to name her Haven Elisabeth. The name's available if anyone cares to steal it away.

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