And you thought he was artsy fartsy BEFORE...

You've read his pithy quotes on my blog. You've seen his awesome work at his own site (and in the pages of daily newspapers, numerous promotional publications, and the annual family calendar). Now, coming to an art center that may or may not be near you, Tim Schoon, picture-taker guy, presents his fantastic works all matted and framed and fancy-like. It's official. He's an artist. (And a suffering, struggling, tortured one at that, based on what he's been like to live with the past few weeks as he has been preparing...)

I'm beyond excited for him. This is such a big deal! He might try to shrug it off or minimize the importance. Don't let him. His pictures are so beautiful. I cannot wait to see them hanging in a gallery!!

If you get the opportunity, I'd encourage you to attend the opening reception, 5-7 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 15, at the Ankeny Art Center, 1520 SW Ordnance Road, Ankeny, IA 50023. Here's a map locator link.

"Seen in Iowa," a gallery show of photos from Iowa by Tim Schoon and Larry Mendenhall, a friend and another fantastic shooter from the Des Moines area, will be displayed in the side gallery through February.


Tim said...

When i start my own photo company, my official title will be picture-taker guy.

Thanks for the plug.

Amy said...

To officially Midwesternize it, we probably ought to go with "pitcher-taker." :-)