We almost got Scrooged

This is the time of year when Tim and I usually tell each other not to look too closely to the credit card statements -- for fear that we'll figure out what we're getting from each other for Christmas.

However, we're going to be paying eagle-eye attention on our bills and card activity from now on.

Yesterday, Wells Fargo contacted us to investigate whether we'd been trying to withdraw large-ish sums of cast from an ATM.


It seems that someone tried two times to get a cash advance from our VISA credit card, $100 one time, $400 the other. Evidently, this person either didn't have a proper PIN or the bank denied the withdrawals on the assumption that Tim and Amy are entirely too poor and boring to A) try getting $400 out at one time or B) wind up anywhere east of Cleveland.

So, boys and girls, here's your holiday warning from Officer McGruff...beware. Some people from Santa's naughty list are lurking. I give an extra candy cane and shot of egg nog to our bank for being so alert.

And Tim, if you see a large purchase from Nikon on our Discover bill, I WISH it was from me. But it wasn't. So call the 800-number quickly. Someone is gallivanting around Europe, no doubt, shooting the scenery with a new D700, courtesy of you.

Happy Holidays. People suck.

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