Snowy Day Tunage

I seriously pick my iPod music largely based on what I hear on TV commercials -- usually Apple ads. I've written about this before. This time, though, it turns out that we were way ahead of the game.

Tim and I, almost simultaneously, said "What a great song!" last night while we were watching TV. I'm sure you've seen the ad, too. It's the L.L. Bean holiday spot, featuring that catchy tune that goes something like, "The snow is comin' down...on our New England town..."

Tim went scrounging around online and in our CD collection and found that we actually have this tune in our collection. It's called "Valley Winter Song," from a Fountains of Wayne CD we got a few years ago.

Loveitloveitloveit. Makes me want to wear bulky cable knit fisherman sweaters (I guess L.L. Bean hit its target there) and drink hot cocoa out of a speckled-tin mug.

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