I love this song. I'm not particularly religious, but there is such a reverent, spiritual quality to not only the lyrics but the melody. It's wistful and haunting and angelic and passionate, all at once. It's obviously not Christmas music, but for some reason, at this time of year, I seem to gravitate towards it.

I have the Jeff Buckley version on my iPod. Many other artists have performed it as well, including an international Idol contestant and Sheryl Crow. There also have been versions featured in the movie Shrek and on an episode of The West Wing, I believe the night the secret service agent played by Mark Harmon was gunned down. Or it might have been when Mrs. Landingham died. Something tragic.

At any rate, this particular version with the piano and the artist's beautiful voice has become a favorite. Take a listen...


AnneR said...

I can't remember which WW episode it was but your post has made me wish I had the whole series on DVD. (I'd watch them in the few moments of my life not occupied by blogs and Facebook.)

Tom said...

I love this song, too, and listen to it a lot. The Jeff Buckley version is haunting and beautiful, especially given his tragic death at such a young age.

The version you posted is great, too. Thanks for sharing.